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  1. For industry and for transfer of kerosene used in various facilities
  2. For transfer of various fuel oils
  3. For lubrication of various machines
  4. For transfer of various viscous solutions 
Mô tả sản phẩm

Standard specification

Pump liquid Liquid quality Kerosene, light oil, Heavy oil A
Viscosity Viscosity Liquid (1 – 300mm²/s)
Liquid temperature 0~80°C
Total suction head (In case of 20°C) -5m
Allowable push-in pressure 0.10MPa
Structure Impeller Gear
Shaft seal  Mechanical seal
Bearing Needle bearing 
Material Impeller S45C
Motor shaft S45C
Casing FC200
Efficiency Standard efficiency (equivalent to IE1)
Starting method Direct-on-Line start
Type Increase-safety explosion-proof indoor type
Power source 3-phase 200V
Synchronous rotation speed 1500min‾¹
Connection Screwed type: 10 – 15mm                                Flange type, JIS 10K standard type:20 – 50mm

Specification table

Bore diameter mm Type Output kW Specifications
Discharge pressure MPa Discharge rate L/min
10(⅜) GPMⅡ-10V 0.2 0.3 16
15(½) GPMⅡ-15V 0.2 0.3 16
20(¾) GPMⅡ-20V 0.4 0.3 29
25(1) GPMⅡ-25V 0.75 0.3 46
32(1¼) GPMⅡ-32V 1.5 0.3 67
40(1½) GPMⅡ-40V 2.2 0.3 105
50(2) GPMⅡ-50V 3.7 0.3 155

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